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A large open cockpit includes 5 position foot rests, large catch-all tray, adjustable cushioned seat, and other work areas. You can also mount this seat to the top rails of your kayak, something I will experiment with on our Pescador 10. The advanced tunnel design with a wide transom and flared bow sections bring a fishing kayak so stable, you can stand up and cast from it. Because it is so stable, you give up things like speed. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you! If you are using the seat in a forward position and weigh over about 150 pounds, putting pressure on the foot pegs can move the seat back into the furthest position. Ascend need to make the mounting system different as it is a little bit of a pain to install the seat in the slides and the fore and aft adjustments don't work decent as the seat always tended to slide back to the rear molded slot every time you lean back. June 24, 2018 By Julian Hooks. Share on pinterest. Ascend kayaks offer quality construction, perfect for fishing or just paddling lakes, rivers, and oceans. Now I have an Ascend FS12T and I want to do the raised seat mod that you see everyone on YouTube doing. Why on earth they are so shallow Ill never understand. I just pulled the stuff off and rethreaded with some stronger stuff. It started to give and seemed to stretch as my body weight centered while standing. NEEDS IMPROVEMENT: After about my 8th trip I started to notice the deck warping a little bit and noticed the scrubber drains were becoming higher than the rest of the deck which was allowing standing water in most parts of the yak especially under the seat. From Dean Brown at Bass Pro Shops: Please describe any modifications you have done to your kayak. The most popular of their sit-on-top designs is the 12-foot fishing model. It has tons of storage space, it's very stable, and has a very comfortable seat. All content provided by is copy written and any use, without express written consent of Yakangler, is a violation of applicable copyright and or trademark laws. So I invited him to give it a try and me a lesson I was all ears and really wanted to know WHAT THE HECK. I did that and so far no issues at all with the deck giving way out from under you. I run this blog with my wife Valentina. Voir les photos et détails de ce bateau ou rechercher plus de bateaux Ascend en vente sur Possibly the best feature in the Ascend FS12T is the price. No WAY will it hold it. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. The Ascend “FS12T” is a great kayak for the budget tight kayak fisherman. ), Inexpensive, not so long you need a hitch extension - low profile - doesn't catch the wind - BIG storage right between your legs, FLIMSY - NOT WELL MADE - Economical Price Point Kind of Design -, Very slow, odd size scuppers, needs transducer scupper. Contact Us I could totally see an average bass ripping the whole thing off the side in a matter of seconds. No matter, there is always a little water in the hull, I could understand a little bit from heavy rain or running on white water or running it though the car wash even but no - I haven't had it in any rain or even slightly choppy water. Here are my thoughts: The Good: The seat is definitely comfortable. 128T Yak-Power Sit-On Kayak . They are not there for you to ram your feet into but to no avail I have cracks. The Ascend Swivel Kayak Seat. I sank mine while hunting with a tree climber on the back and...". Apr 7, 2017 - I describe my version of the popular seat raise mod on the Ascend FS12t fishing kayak with the addition of side gear pouches. 4* Ram Mount 2.5-Inch w/18-Inch Long Extension Poles With an extended keel and performance rocker the FS12T has the maneuverability and tracking to get you to fish. Has not affected stability or paddling. Keep tabs on all the latest from YakAngler. but for more then double the price of the Ascend “FS12T” it should be and it is Faster - Sleeker - Lighter - more stable - has a real dry compartment and an actual avid Kayaker designed it. Introducing the upgraded FS12T. Ascend FS12T Description The Ascend FS12T is a kayak brought to you by Ascend. Photos may show optional equipment. The FS12T sit-on-top kayak was re-designed with focus points of improvement to be more stable, functional and more comfortable. Strong metal frame features a durable weather resistant finish. It is very stable even with gear. Share on print. The finish out could use a little work as well. Lashing Strap for seat Alright for all you smart kayakers, i have a question about the new fs12T by ascend. Combining polyester ripstop, breathable nylon mesh, and foam padding, this replacement seat delivers all day comfort for long hours out on the water. On the first day out 9am 75 degrees very sunny - I tried to stand up like the salesman said this is great for and other reviews had stated, well the plastic deck is SUPER HOT! Specifications: Length: 12′ 8″ Width: 33 inches. there are side rails installed and the look very handy but i do not have any idea how or what you can put on them suggestions and how to's are very much appreciated. The Ascend “FS12T” is a great kayak for the budget tight kayak fisherman. Combining polyester ripstop, breathable nylon mesh, and foam padding, this replacement seat delivers all day comfort for long hours out on the water. needs a little work out of the box, Added - I put on the shoes tried standing up again and I SWEAR my foot was going to go right through the deck. OLIVIA & AIDEN Folding Kayak Anchor w/ 40’ Marine Rope and Buoy (3.5 lb.) amoxicillin generics online Although it may be...", "I would not recommend going over 300 lbs in this kayak. Even with the holes I can see why water doesn't drain the outside river water rests naturally 1/4" form the top of the deck while the boat is empty - once you get in its right level with the top of the deck. I spent hours and hours reading reviews, searching craigslist and visiting several of the top kayak manufacturers websites to learn more about the sport and kayaks.That's when I came across the Ascend kayaks from Bass Pro and more specifically the SOT FS12T. Deck warps easy and the scrubber holes end up being higher than the rest of the deck allowing water to pool under the seat. As stated by most the "Scotty" type rod holder is placed too far back but can easily be moved. Featuring a new design for greater stability, function, and comfort, the FS12T starts with an ultra-stable, tunnel hull design with a wider transom and flared bow sections. I put the rubber plugs in and still the water works its way in. The frame seat at the sub $600 price point is breaking the ceiling of options for entry levels. This one is no different. If you are wanting to get into the fishing kayak world for the first time, this would be a great one to buy. With an extended keel and performance rocker the FS12T has the maneuverability and tracking to get you to fish. I still have this problem - and find my self not going out and enjoying the kayak as often as I would like. Now I did notice that problem greatly goes away if I move the seat all the way up to it more forward position. FREE Shipping by Amazon . I went to a local kayak dealer ready to get rid of this nightmare and the sales manager wanted to see what I was using- He was super shocked I had this many issues with a new off the shelf kayak and thought maybe user error. I would have given 5 stars if you didn't have to do a little work to make this boat perfect. At the everyday list price of $549, this is possibly the best entry level kayak available under $600. Ok great I thought- But then as you paddling the chair comes up and out of its side and front holding guides and sits cockeyed which isn't comfortable at all. I am from France :)", "I picked this kayak up used and I must say I am very pleased with the quality/thickness of the plastic. It would make for a great boat if you have a dog that likes to tag along. This is remedied by putting in some bungees and pad eyes to simply hold it in the kayak if you should flip it. After some darn near begging he let me try the Cuda out WOW!! My first kayak was a Heritage Angler 10. Share on facebook. RE: Ascend FS12t Accessory rails . //-->, By visiting this Site you agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Stable enough for experienced paddlers to stand in while casting, the Ascend 12T gives you plenty of deck space to operate from. Guillaume. I shaved down the ridges on the rod holder to make it swivel 360° I'm a pretty big guy 6'4" 255 lb and there were no issues with that. For detailed instructions about a specific device, please check the User Guide that came with your device. at all. It slides into tracks on the sides but after sitting in it for the first time, the bolts become bent and difficult to slide back into plce when it slide out of the track. Free Shipping by Amazon. Even knowing the consequences were high with 40° water. Also added a couple cleats because I had them laying around. So after a couple of weeks with this thing- ability to add trolling motor, a little heavy. This resulted in more available cubic storage space than almost any other kayak, as well as the ability for the operator to stand up and fish or paddle. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. To craft the updated Ascend® 12T Sit-On-Top Kayak, our designers took our most-popular sit-on-top kayak and refined it to be even more stable, more functional, and more comfortable. 02-22-2017 04:27 PM : FishStik Guppy Posts: 44 Joined: Dec 2015 Reputation: 1: Post: #2. 61. BPS swapped it out for new model no questions asked. Every feature illustrates … Just give them a call and they can help with replacement parts for Ascend Kayaks. Max. Ascend designers combined stand-up paddleboard characteristics with a sit-on-top kayak fishing platform with open deck access and customization options. So when I saw the one with issues of scupper alignment I went ahead and caulked all of the scuppers to be sure. As soon as I sit in the kayak (Just Me) water starts seeping in. I found the holes on the stern side are 1/32" bigger then on the other???? I decided to set a budget of 600 dollars and see what I could find, needles to say the ascend fs12t went to the top of the list. The drain holes if you want to call them that are more like having a big hole in the boat. With an extended keel and performance rocker the FS12T has the maneuverability and tracking to get you to fish. The FS12T comes standard with 2 flush mount rod holders, large 18” x 10” dry storage hatch, and large tank well and fully scuppered deck. var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; I'll take the ascend every day. If you do have issues BPS has an Ascend Hotline for anyone with part issues. Here are my thoughts: Average weight w/seat: 96 lbs. 8" dry pocket No clue why - but the plugs don't fit correctly and pop right out no matter how hard I push them in. To check your device for updates: Using a device that is infected with a virus or other malware. Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 24. ". they are mostly there just to give your body balance as you stroke. I was able to fairly easily stand, paddle, and cast on day 1. This is such a vast improvement over the previous strap in seat that I had to mention it first. Don't expect to get anywhere fast in this kayak. I climbed in the hull with an extension camera to check the seals of the stuff I had added they are very solid non-leaking attachments. As I was starting the long and grueling search for my first ever kayak I was overwhelmed on the prices and options of kayaks that were out there. Keep inind that the model pictures is the old model. Rear Flag pole with Standard Boat Light The bungee cord provided to hold your gear down is MOST CERTAINLY dollar general type stuff. 2* side carry handles addy30999 = addy30999 + 'yakangler' + '.' + 'com'; So I cut a piece of 1"×4"pine. Love to meet up with other Ascsend owners in Maryland I fish on the southern Maryland. More information Ascend Elite Kayak Seat for FS12 Sit In Kayak | Bass Pro Shops Best wishes. It is fairly maneuverable when trying to navigate tight spaces. Also added one to each side. Now the seat - Ok this is super super comfortable and easy to just pick up and put on the beach for a sit. Strong metal frame features a durable weather resistant finish. I think it might work better to use as an umbrella holder, as long as the wind isn't blowing or even slightly breezy might work for that but will have to relocate it. As long as you are not in a hurry, it is great. 4.4 out of 5 stars 239. - Microsoft, Check if your operating system needs to be updated. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. I have absolutely NO CLUE how but water gets into the hull every single time the boat gets wet. Enjoy comfortable paddling in your FS12T Kayak (sold separately) with the Ascend® Deluxe Seat for FS12T Sit-On-Top Kayak. var addy30999 = 'support' + '@'; There are a couple of recessed areas that don't have scuppers or an ability to drain. Tell us what you think the pros of this kayak are. 417-873-5034 By this time and the experience I was having with this thing I wasn't taking any chances, so just tossed it out. 97. As stated the seat is very comfortable but I didn't like the way the seat was held up by the plastic rails alone. However if you compare this to the Old Town Predator dollar for dollar at half the cost. My track actually popped a rivet out after only the second use. It wants turn all about like you're square dancing or something. The hand carriers which there are 2 are not well made- no rubber or seal with the 1/4" screws holding them in. A large open cockpit includes 5 position foot rests, large catch-all tray, adjustable cushioned seat, and other work areas. I lined the little provided cabin area with foam and the camera fits GREAT and is super easy to just reach down and grab on the fly and put back in a hurry without messing with straps and buckles/zippers etc. ost stability storage standing while casting, tracks very well. Bass Pro also sells the aftermarket Ascend Swivel Seat, for $99.99 which is a great choice for sit on top kayaks with a relatively flat deck, or if you want to customize a slightly lifted platform that lets you spin 360 degrees. I contoured it to the boat to fit under the back arm of the chair. First things first - About me 180Lbs 6foot4. 1st that thing is a serious PAIN to adjust and a pain to even get in the lock holder. After weeks of anticipation I finally got out last weekend and the yak performed very well. It looked like an amazing kayak for the money and figured what the heck I heard alot of good and bad about the yak so gave it a try. That all changed earlier this year with the introduction of the redesigned Ascend FS12T. Arrives before Christmas. Although I wouldn't recommend standing in this kayak if that isn't the case. document.getElementById('cloak30999').innerHTML += '' + addy30999+'<\/a>'; Not to mention that the plastic it is made of is super flexible reminds me of "bit of honey candy " NO way in the world would trust it to hold a nice rod and real. Enjoy comfortable paddling in your D10 or FS10 Kayaks (sold separately) with the Ascend Deluxe Seat for D10 and FS10 Kayaks. I just figured it would make the chair last a lot longer. A full time photographer and part time fisherman and on a budget. Create an account to be able to manage all of your submissions. Raised seat modification Ascend FS12t kayak. //