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Sunday Afternoons have an incredibly vast range of hats and head wear suitable for many different adventures, and the best bit, their product range is also fashionable and stylish. From walking a rarely travelled section of Nepal’s Great Himalayan Trail to collecting stamps in your Pilgrim’s Passport on Spain’s Camino de Santiago, we have rounded up our Top 10 favourite walking holidays which take you to the best sections of famous long-distance trails. These routes have an ancient Christian history and were created after the discovery of St James’ tomb in the north-west of Spain in 814 AD. France’s GR34 takes you on an incredible journey among beautifully jagged cliffs, intricate bays and soul-stirring scenery. One of Britain’s classic walking routes, the Coast to Coast, was originated and described by Alfred Wainwright, author of a well-known series of mountain-walking guide books on the English Lake District. Photo by Didier Weemaels, licensed under CC BYUsually referred as the TMB, the Tour du Mont Blanc is one of the best hiking trails in Europe. Anyone who feels that LDWA has gone the extra mile to provide exceptional service is particularly encouraged to use this facility. Britain’s best long-distance footpaths. The E9, the 'Atlantic and Baltic Path' from Portugal to Estonia, includes a section along the South Coast of England giving a total distance of 3418 miles (5500 km). LDWA is run entirely by volunteers and we work hard to keep costs as low as possible. The great thing a long-distance walk is it doesn’t have to be done in one go. Many long distance paths pass through a variety of different landscapes. Mallorca boasts incredible undulating coastal walks, secluded coves, the smell of citrus everywhere, and remarkable hotels in unforgettable settings. Path information includes maps, publications, and accommodation near the path. Design and Development by. The GR footpaths in Belgium, France, Spain and the Netherlands; European long-distance paths, over 70,000 km (43,000 mi) of 12 long-distance E-paths. It also takes in some of the tallest marine cliffs in Europe. As these walking trails are becoming more popular and extensive, the BWF will now credit a walker with IVV Distance and Event stamps The following sections summarise the development of the three E-Routes (E2, E8 and E9) that include sections in the UK, listing the constituent paths that make up these UK sections. South West Coastal Path, England The longest National Trail in the U.K. stretches 630 miles (1,014 kilometers) from Minehead in Somerset, west along … Understand [] Alpine classic treks, coastal delights like walking the Lycian Way, island pleasures in Corsica and Corfu, off-the-beaten-track treks in Albania, Romania and Armenia, snowshoe walking in Finland; Europe possibly has more variety and choice of … Long distance walks are becoming increasingly popular in Britain. This enchanting long-distance trail is soaked in fascinating history, idyllic temperatures, challenging sections, breathtaking viewpoints and vibrant Turkish culture – so make sure you bring your camera. Information about getting there, trail accommodations, route maps, and information about the trail itself from folks who've walked them. The paths that make up the two E2 main variants, and the E8 and E9 sections comprise: E2 (Central/Southern Variant: Stranraer - Dover). In the UK both the Long Distance Walkers Association and the Ramblers are members of the ERA. There is a common entry website for these routes at www.nationaltrail.co.uk that links to the sites for each trail, where publication and accommodation information can be found. Mallorca – Deia to Valldemossa. The European Ramblers Association (ERA) was founded in 1969 to act as an international umbrella organisation for all the major national walking organisations throughout Europe. The Scottish Highlands are home to some of the best UK walks.There’s the famed West Highland Way – a 96-mile long-distance trek that takes walkers through varied landscapes from Milngavie to Fort William – but for a shorter, concentrated hit of Scotland’s most dramatic scenery hikers should make a beeline for Glen … France is a country well equipped with long- distance footpaths or hiking trails. 1. Acknowledgement is given to the ERA for material from the ERA's website used above. See our privacy policy for details on how we manage your data. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Ulverston, Cumbria, LA12 7NB. One of its first tasks was to link member countries together by means of a series of long distance footpaths, designated as E-Routes. Please click the button to acknowledge and approve our use of cookies during your visit. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Entire Length: 309 km / 192 miles Country: England Best time to go: late spring until early autumn Why is this one of the best long-distance walks in the UK? The Lycian Way, dubbed as the ‘trail of ghosts’, is a stunning 335-mile coastal path that twists and stretches along the coastal cliffs of the ancient coast of Lycia, in Turkey. Each day brings something different. © Copyright 2020 - The Long Distance Walkers Association. This is without question one of the greatest historic long distance hikes in Europe. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Indeed, without them the LDWA would not exist. Besides the famous GR 20 there are five other major routes -- three coast to coast walks (Mare a Mare) and two mostly coastal ones (Mare e Monti) -- and a couple of minor ones.Paths overview There is no European 'standard' for these routes and the designation, waymarking and maintenance of the individual sections is the responsibility of the organisations in the country or region concerned. Southern Upland Way: Stranraer to Melrose; St Cuthbert's Way: Melrose to Kirk Yetholm; Pennine Way National Trail: Kirk Yetholm via Middleton in Teesdale, where the Eastern section leaves, to Standedge; Oldham Way: Standedge to Mossley; Tameside Trail: Mossley to Broadbottom; Etherow - Goyt Valley Way: Broadbottom to Compstall; Goyt Way: Compstall to Disley; Gritstone Trail: Disley to Rushton Spencer; Staffordshire Way: Rushton Spencer to Cannock Chase; Heart of England Way: Cannock Chase to Bourton-on-the-Water; Oxfordshire Way: Bourton-on-the-Water to Kirtlington; Oxford Canal: Kirtlington to Oxford; Thames Path National Trail: Oxford to Weybridge; Wey Navigations: Weybridge to Guildford; North Downs Way National Trail: Guildford to Dover. Held every year in a different part of the country, to coincide with the late May Bank Holiday, up to 500 people gather to walk 100 miles in 48 hours. Hiking trails in Europe, long distance hiking trails offers reports of long-distance hiking trails in many European countries, mostly still undiscovered, but beautiful hiking areas. This trail is now an official part of the so-calledE9 European long-distance trail orEuropean Coastal Path. The famous The Kings Trail, or Kungsleden as it is locally known, is one of the long-distance hikes Europe offers, at about 270 miles (440 km) long and traversing the Vindelfjällens Nature Reserve. Destinations. However, the routes are long, ranging from 87-1,000 km (54-621 miles), the longest being the Chemin de Paris and the Via de la Plata. The classic route is normally walked anti-clockwise over 11 days. E2 (Eastern Variant: Stranraer - Harwich). I have included in this section a list of my favourite Long Distance Walks (or Trails as they are increasingly referred to). Bangor Trail, Co Mayo, Ireland. The links on our paths pages take you to useful sites that provide one or more of the following: outline route information, sources of leaflets or guides, maps – sectional or route schematics. The most popular month for these trips is September. The path itself is nestled within the borders of Cinque Terre National Park, and the entire area is laced with exceptional views and landscapes. A long-distance trek in its own right, the 124-mile (199.5 km) route is also part of the Wales Coast Path and is located on the isle of Anglesey in the north-west corner of the country. There is no formal definition of a long-distance footpath. Solent Way: Portsmouth to Havent; Staunton Way: Havent to Queen Elizabeth Country Park (QECP); South Downs Way National Trail: QECP to Jevington; 1066 Country Walk: Jevington to Rye; Saxon Shore Way: Rye to Dover. An extraordinary journey for anyone wanting to explore one of t… Ever since the concept of establishing these European Long Distance routes in the UK was raised, the Long Distance Walkers Association (LDWA) has not only taken an interest in, but was closely involved in the establishment of these routes up to  the early 2000s as an initial implementing body in the UK. Apt, then, that this coast-to-coast hike – the Caribbean’s first long-distance trail – bears that name, as it snakes across Dominica’s profusely green and volcanically craggy land. These E-Paths are waymarked and maintained by the members of the European Ramblers Association (ERA – EWV – FERP). A Challenge event is a longer, organised, walk mostly on footpaths and other Public Rights of Way, across open fields and moors, avoiding tarmac as much as possible. BWF LONG DISTANCE WALKS. Rick McCharles via Creative Commons at https://flic.kr/p/akypMH. It has been agreed by the ERA to also identify the routes with a blue shield, the yellow stars of Europe and the corresponding number of the E-route. The challenge is to the individual, e.g. The Wild Atlantic Way in north-west Ireland is the longest signed coastal route in the world extending to a total of 1,700 miles – and it was once a popular pilgrims’ route. There are lots of epic hikes in the UK, including some awesome long-distance trails and multi-day hikes too!If you’re up for a challenge here are the best long-distance walks in the UK.. Also included are a few difficult hiking challenges too, who doesn’t like a long-distance walking challenge!. This form collects your contact information. Several entry points allow trekkers to either hike a short part if they don’t want to trek the whole distance. 10 of the most beautiful national parks in Europe, Pen y Fan: Everything you need to know about hiking this popular peak. The 3014-mile (4850 km) route starts in Stranraer, then goes through Southern Scotland, with variants through Eastern England and the Netherlands or Central and Southern England and Flanders to Antwerp, then Ardennes, Luxembourg, Vosges, Jura, Grande Traversée des Alpes (this section is the well-known GR5) to Nice. It is one of the European long-distance hiking trails, which is well known to coastal hiking lovers. Recognised Long Distance Walks in excess of 100km in Great Britain are eligible for IVV Awards. The E8is a 2728-mile (4390 km) route from East Cor… The waymarking in the UK is mainly that of the underlying routes. For the E9 from Lymington there are mainland and Isle of Wight (IoW) variants: Mainland variant: Solent Way: Lymington to Portsmouth. Currently three E-Routes, E2, E8 and E9, go through Britain. The Lycian Way, dubbed as the ‘trail of ghosts’, is a stunning 335-mile coastal path that twists and stretches along the coastal cliffs of the ancient coast of Lycia, in Turkey. The E2runs from Galway to Nice. In the development of these E-routes within the UK no new footpaths have been created: all three routes (E2, E8 and E9) use existing, often well-established long distance paths that have been linked together along with a few relatively short linking sections to create the final route. Find the most amazing coastal walks in Europe. The 3014-mile (4850 km) route starts in Stranraer, then goes through Southern Scotland, with variants through Eastern England and the Netherlands or Central and Southern England and Flanders to Antwerp, then Ardennes, Luxembourg, Vosges, Jura, Grande Traversée des Alpes (this section is the well-known GR5) to Nice. The challenge of walking day after day is enticing. Bellevue, Princes Street, This website includes a searchable database of over 1,500 UK paths and trails covering more than 88,000 miles. They link together established routes in member countries/regions to form international routes, with the aim of encouraging cross-border walking, thereby furthering contacts and understanding among the peoples of Europe. But knowledge, like life and a fine wine, is better shared. Walking the path is a fantastic mix of Italian architecture and outstanding natural beauty, which makes for one heck of an adventure. The satisfaction of completing a multi day walk is immense. A significant part of the E-Routes in the UK comprise sections of several of the National Trails, as named in the lists above. Southern Upland Way and St Cuthbert's Way (as above); Pennine Way National Trail: Kirk Yetholm to Middleton in Teesdale; Teesdale Way: Middleton in Teesdale to Middlesbrough; Tees Link: Middlesbrough to Guisborough; Cleveland Way National Trail: Guisborough to Filey; Yorkshire Wolds Way National Trail: Filey to Hessle, Humber Bridge, Hessle to Barton-upon-Humber; Viking Way: Barton-upon-Humber to Rutland Water; Hereward Way: Rutland Water to Ely; Fen Rivers Way: Ely to Cambridge; Fleam Dyke and Roman Road Walk: Cambridge to Linton; Icknield Way Trail: Linton to Stetchworth; Stour Valley Path: Stetchworth to Dedham; Essex Way: Dedham to Harwich. From the bay of Mont Saint-Michel to the pink granite coast, there are plenty of landmarks along the way to make this one fascinating hike. All 15 trails can be found in England and Wales, cover a total 4,000 km or so and each are looked after by individual Trail Partnerships. Local groups host regular group walks led by one of their members and some also organise social events and longer trips. Typically, around the world, it will be at least 50km (30mi) long. Want to find out about a long distance path? There are long distance paths everywhere from canal towpaths and lowland farmland to coastlines and hills. The National Trails are long distance walking routes, with some accessible for cyclists and horse riders. Many of the other major constituent routes have websites of a user group or association for the route while many are covered on the sites of their local authorities. The Irish section is currently non-existent. The total distance is around 1,250 miles but maybe you want to take in the Lake District or the Cairngorms and add to that. Overview map for Long Distance Paths and Walks The map below shows a general overview of the location of the Long Distance Paths recorded in the LDWA database, updated approximately every 3-6 months Click the relevant icon on the map for more information about the walk/path There are currently 45 local groups and being a member of one of these is great fun! Your data is completely safe and we do not record any personally identifiable information. That’s why we’re happy to share our nine best walking routes in Europe (in no particular order). A challenging 30-mile day hike through the uninhabited mountain range of Nephin Beg, along the waymarked Bangor … The E8 is a 2728-mile (4390 km) route from west Cork in Ireland to Istanbul, crossing England from Liverpool to Hull along the Trans Pennine Trail, then via Rotterdam, Aachen, Regensburg, Vienna, Bratislava, through Southern Bulgaria to the Turkish Border. Some short linking sections are not yet waymarked. E8 Trans Pennine Trail, section from Liverpool to Hull. Long distance walks can be undertaken anywhere, even in a city (though few would want to do this). The ERA itself and many of its member organisations in mainland Europe are largely run by unpaid volunteers and this should be borne in mind when contacting them. I would like to receive competitions, exclusive offers and other promotional emails from Wired for Adventure, I understand that I can unsubscribe at any time. A company limited by guarantee. All these wonders are married together with a fantastic climate to make this a hiking trail that’ll stay in your memory for a lifetime. However, the British Long Distance Walkers Association defines long-distance footpaths as … Corsica's long distance footpaths offer a unique trekking experience to hikers of all fitness level and proficiency. There’s just something spectacular about embarking on coastal hikes in Europe. The E-Routes are initiatives of walkers' and ramblers' groups in many European countries, who are members of the European Ramblers Association (ERA). The E2 runs from Galway to Nice. 30 miles in 10 hours, it is NOT a race. There are 75 tours to choose from, that range in length from 5 days up to 15 days. How to climb Mount Ararat in Eastern Turkey, 40 adventurous things to do in the UK and Ireland this summer, Why you need to go cycling in Aspromonte National Park, Italy.

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